Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser

Ready to take a selfie—with an ATM? CO-OP has launched a new fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network that invites credit union staff and members to post a pic of the ATM and tag it #ATMs4CMN, and it will donate $10 to CMN hospitals.

“Every picture makes a difference. The donation for even a single photo can buy essential supplies, such as a package of preemie diapers,” CO-OP said. “The CO-OP ATM Network of Miracles campaign is an engaging way to involve your members in the community spirit that defines the credit union movement—while also reminding them wherever they travel during the summer about the benefits of your nearly 30,000-strong, nationwide, surcharge-free ATM Network.”

To participate, CO-OP is offering these four easy steps:

  1. Visit a CO-OP Network ATM

  2. Take a picture

  3. Post it to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #ATMs4CMN

  4. Commence miracle

During its just-concluded THINK 19 Conference, CO-OP announced its #shadesupforkids promotion had led to $10,000 donations to both Children’s Miracle Network and the National Credit Union Foundation.

Tiffany Colbert